Providing supply chain technology solutions for the food and beverage industry


Product Traceability
Product details, lot number, transportation records, source of origin and etc. Ensure on time delivery of goods to customer with high safety.

Abnormality Alert
Provide real-time alerts when delay in pick up and/or receiving, temperature and/or humidity not within spec, expired goods, too high or low inventory level; This enable respective party to take immediate action to ensure good quality of product and service.

Inventory Visibility
Enable user to search the information of goods such as; consignor, multi-warehouse locations and etc. Better inventory management as stock information is available at one glance.

Transportation Visibility
Provide information on delivery, such as real time GPS location, temperature & humidity data, video recording. Able to manage the delivery process efficiently.


Demand Forecast
Based historical orders and big data analytics models, this makes the forecasting more easier and accurate. Furthermore, it supports real time changes and reviews, in order to meet the demand with minimal inventory level.

Smart Inventory Control
Based on inventory parameter settings, re-stocking can be automated. It reduces the dependency of store personnel and potential human errors, thus improving operational efficiency and inventory turnover.

Simplified Sales and Purchases
Product details, lot number, transportation records, source of origin and etc. Ensure on time delivery of goods to customer with high safety.

Enhanced Logistics
Linking logistics partner, customer, consignee interactions, information is shared and transparent among the parties. Ensure on time delivery of goods to customer.

Improved Account Reconciliation
Auto-calculated billing, online reconciliation, electronic invoice, reduce human-errors and improve productivity and cash flow.


Feedback Management System
Goods and delivery service performance can be rated by customer through mobile end. This helps both supplier and logistics companies to improve its quality and service level respectively.

Resource Deployment

Through Cloud Warehousing Network and Transportation Resource Network, resources can be matched and distributed efficiently according to the demand and requirement by F&B enterprises.