Ensuring safety and efficiency for the supply chain industry


Standardized Logistics Service
Through standardized and specific features of our platform which provide an industrial standard for logistics. Every enterprise is able to provide consistent high level of service in short period of time.

High Operational Efficiency

A smarter way of distributing and dispatching logistics order. Business and operational processes are optimized therefore revenue is increased.

Service Quality improved
It provides visibility of order, real-time alert, feedback and rating by customer and etc. Customer relation and overall service quality of enterprise will be improved tremendously.

Smart Dispatch
Improve efficiency and accuracy of dispatch process, provide flexible settings according to enterprise’s requirement.

Routing optimization
Using the-state-of-the-art technology to establish supply chain network model, based on upstream and downstream supply chain data, delivery routing is optimized through our algorithm.

Warehouse Distribution Optimization
Based on optimized routing information and entire logistics network and distribution, our system enables enterprise to optimize the distribution of its warehouse.


Order Collaboration
The entire order process can be viewed and tracked by relevant parties. Order status and real-time order execution information among the parties.


Warehouse and Logistics Collaboration

Helps enterprise to achieve warehouse and logistics

integration through our system. Inventory and transportation costs are expected to be reduced. On the other hand, inventory turn is expected to be increased.


Account Settlement Collaboration

Calculation Engine enables enterprise to perform auto e-billing to its upstream and downstream partners. As account statement can be reviewed and verified online by each party therefore the time needed for payment settlement is reduced and thus enterprise will have better cash flow.

Resource Development
Provides 3PL enterprise with various ways of resources search and more choice of warehouse and transportation service providers. It helps enterprise to increase its business capability.

Resource Validation
Only approved party is allowed in our system, each party has to go through strict validation process, this is to ensure reliable and quality resource to support the entire logistics process.

Identification Label
Every user account will be assigned with a unique identification. Its product SKU and invoices will be labelled with identification in our system.


Real-time Monitoring
With the IoT hardware integration into the system, facility real-time data or alert are available at anytime and anywhere.

Order tracking
Real-time tracking on the order status, goods realtime location and real-time temperature at one glance; ensure  goods are delivered on time, accurate and safe.

Notification upon receipt

Simple and quick notification will be sent to relevant parties once the goods have been received.