Enhance safety and security monitoring for the pharmaceutical and food industry

Quality & Certification Control
Risk management on transportation, warehouse information and relevant certifications. Eliminating the risk during transportation, each party’s performance can be evaluated  to maintain high quality product and service standard.



Trackable and Traceable During Delivery
Delivery of medicines are trackable during the transportation, real-time information such as GPS location, temperature and humidity data are available for monitoring to ensure medicines are delivered to customer accurately and safely.



Trackable and Traceable In Warehouse Operation
Inbound or outbound of medicines can be tracked in real time, temperature and humidity of storage warehouse can be monitored and traceable. Giving your customer high quality assurance and peace of mind of medicines.


Resource Visibility
Deployment and distribution of resources are visible at store & warehouse, transportation sectors, based on these data enterprise will have better resource utilization rate through integrated resource planning and implementation.

Inventory Visibility
Enable user to search the information of goods such as; consignor, multi-warehouse locations and etc. Better inventory management as stock information is available at one glance.

Order Visibility

Status of the order can be tracked from placing the order to delivery and payment.

Certification Validity Alert
It alerts the party when medicine certification is overdue, missing, going to overdue.


Logistics Delivery Alert
It alerts the party when there is a delay in delivery, pick-up, receiving of goods, so that necessary action could be taken immediately to rectify the problem and improve customer service and satisfaction.


Temperature Abnormality Alert

It alerts the party when the temperature in storage or during transportation is not within the specification, therefore user could take immediate action to control the situation and avoid further deterioration, this is to ensure safe medicine to consumer.

Supply Chain Optimization
Based on operational data and overall supply chain model, the enterprise is able to strategize its warehouse locations and deploy decentralized order management. Auto sales and inventory forecasting and smart restocking help to optimize the supply chain services.


 Supply Chain Collaboration

Realizing close interaction among logistics, consignee and customer. Customer’s needs are responded in a timely manner therefore achieve higher customer’s satisfaction.

Provision of Resource
Based on customer’s preferences to provide logistics resources, such as transportation and warehouse. It helps the enterprises to establish a completed logistics service network, through the network, every enterprise will achieve information sharing, better resources planning, mutual collaborations.

Optimization Of Resource Allocation
Through the platform data analysis and setting, specific customer’s requirement could be sent to transport company and warehouse accordingly. Time and manpower cost has been tremendously